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These Australian travel pages will help to give you ideas for unique experiences… You will no doubt visit Arhnem Land, where time seems to have stood still. You will not be able to stop from marvelling at the beauty of the setting sun as it strikes with its orange rays the gigantic red Uluru monolith and its surrounding desert. Farther east, on Hayman Island, you will relax in a paradisaical world where relaxation is the key word. Imagine the Great Barrier Reef within snorkel reach, immersed in the middle of hundreds of tropical fish that form a magnificent multicoloured pattern through their expert swimming. Once you have discovered the marine fauna, maybe you’d like to try a little urban hustle and bustle? Head west to the Gold Coast! Over there, you can take advantage of the hot and sunny city streets and the dozens of sports events that take place here. Who has never heard of the Quicksilver Pro surfing championships in Australia? If sport is not your thing, you can always lye around on the coast’s sparkling beaches, or enjoy a thrill in the amusement parks!

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