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The United Arab Emirates is also full of mosques, souks and vast beaches of fine sand. For those who like relaxation and journeys off the beaten track, Sharjah and Ajman are essential. These two cities situated on the border of the Persian Gulf will allow you to immerse yourself in local daily life by visiting livestock markets and souks as well as one of the biggest mosques in the region: the majestic Faisal mosque. Do you want to ski in the middle of the desert? Do you want to visit some of the biggest aquariums in the world? Do you want to dive or snorkel with the dolphins? Why not talk to a travel agent about these dreams? Passionate about the destination, your travel agent will create an individual trip around the United Arab Emirates. It doesn't matter how you travel, it doesn't matter what you're interested in or dream of- the UAE will satisfy everything you ever wanted. Culture, strong sensations, experiences with local people, adventures in the desert... Your trip around the United Arab Emirates is only waiting for you!

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