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The typical image of England and the UK is that it rains around the clock, everybody knows the royal family and that life simply stops at 5pm each day as the country takes a break to have afternoon tea and scones. This is far from true, but you should always carry a raincoat (as you never know!); afternoon tea is a must, and we've many places around the country serving  English teas, scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam, so make your way to the nearest Tea Room ASAP! Transport throughout England is readily available,  with the iconic red london buses travelling through all London zones during the day, and you have the option of hopping aboard a night bus if you've decided to stay out after hours! In fact, you'll find that a sizeable some of money will be spent on transport, with public buses coming to approx. two pounds per person. It's worth always having some spare pounds on you as well as bills, as some bus drivers won't give change. Note that 'day' and 'week' bus tickets  are available for purchase should you feel this is more efficient. An even faster way to travel around London is with an Oyster card, which is five pounds to purchase at most underground stations and convenience stores in the area. Travelling across the country is also quite simple and cheap, with bus companies such as Megabus or National Express.  Generally speaking, visiting museums and galleries can be pricey, though small kids and students often recieve discounts. Lastly, the most important thing to remember is to always dress nicely on the off-chance you'll run into a member of the royal family (you know, just in case!).

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