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Last-minute tips before you plan your trip

We have suggested some Greenland itineraries for you, and all of these trips are completely customisable. Your local travel agent is also on hand to help you! With their help, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable trip that is specifically tailored to you! As part of your trip, you’ll probably go to Disko Bay. At the heart of the bay lies its most well-known town, Illusiat, where a landscape that could easily feature in one of the most beautiful films awaits you. The dozens of blue, red, yellow and green houses scattered by the waterfront set an exquisite scene, and it is even more beautiful there if you arrive at sunset. You can also enjoy a trip worthy of a genuine explorer on a dog sled. The bay, which has the largest number of icebergs in the Northern Hemisphere, can only be visited by boat. A boat trip will also provide you with a good opportunity to explore the numerous fjords, and the ice islands and islets that emerge from the ocean. Opposite, on the east coast in the region of Tasilaq, you can enjoy a kayak trip, and in two paddle strokes, you could come across a seal, or behold the effortless swimming of one of the largest creatures in the world: a whale!

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