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Do these tour ideas for Canada inspire you? They certainly inspire us! Like the Indians, perhaps you will find that they have a religious meaning? In the following lines, we provide a selection of sites that should not be missed during your stay in Canada. Let's start in the East. Montreal: the second biggest French-speaking city in the world. You'll love Mount Royal from which you will have stunning views of the city or enjoy ice skating on frozen lakes in the winter. You will enjoy the unique Quebec City which is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It’s a real trip back in time to the French colonial period and to the creation of Quebec. The Charlevoix region, where a meteorite crashed 350 million years ago, offers a landscape of incredible serenity, classified as a World Biosphere Reserve. Before leaving Canada, you also have to discover Vancouver. Enjoy an extraordinary quality of life with its pleasant climate. You can take a stroll in the huge Stanley Park, a vast urban park located on a peninsula, or you could go to the countryside, close to the city centre, to explore the beach or forest. Nature continues to be a main theme during your trip to Canada. You will find large, totally preserved natural spaces in Ontario. Here, thousands of lakes and rivers are connected, and you can find untouched landscapes. Or you can enjoy Banff National Park in Alberta, a pure treasure of beauty and natural wealth, and its world-famous Lake Louise. A trip to Canada is all you need!

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