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Holidays in Kenya

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You’ll find details of tours around Kenya. Plus there are tips on how you can organise a made-to-measure trip with the help of a local agent. He or she will certain plug the Masai Mara, a huge national reserve that's home to most of Kenya's incredible wildlife. There you are, in the heart of the African bush, surrounded by animals you've only ever seen on telly or in a zoo. Watch in awe as a lioness stalks her prey, catch a glimpse of a leopard's spots, or gawp at the staggering size of elephants, buffalo and rhinos. And, if you park up by the banks Sand River, you'll be able to watch the park's four-legged residents meander down to the water’s edge and quietly quench their thirst. Further north, another wild animal cabaret is underway. On the banks of Lake Nakuru, millions of flamingos come to paddle in a flurry of colour and squawks. The hardiest amongst you may want to scale the heights of Mount Kenya, located in the centre of the country. An ascent that reaches 5,199 metres, this red volcano is the second highest peak in Africa!

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